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June 2017 saw A W Morton winner of the Somerset Bendigo Bank Art Awards "Best of Show Prize" with his Oil on Canvas "Still Life with Proteas, Porcelain, Pottery & Fruit".

The Gala Opening of the Somerset Bendigo Bank Art Awards for 2017 was held on Friday, 16 June with he winners being awarded their prizes. Bill was awarded the prestigious "Bendigo Bank Best of Show Prize" from the 300 works of art on show.

The award wining art can be viewed on the Somerset Art Society web pages. https://www.sasiart.com.au/somerset-art-awards-2017


Bill Morton - "Still Life with Proteas, Porcelain, Pottery & Fruit "(2017) Oil on Canvas 610mm x 920mm

"Still Life with Proteas, Porcelain, Pottery & Fruit" (2017)
Oil on Canvas 780mm x 1080mm framed




This body of work depicting two current major projects for Toowoomba reflects the burgeoning growth Toowoomba and the Toowoomba region is undergoing. The two projects, Grand Central and the 2nd Range Crossing have been the inspiration behind the work done so far. And while these projects are a major part of that story of growth, they are by no means the whole story.

There is the new international standard airport – Brisbane West-Wellcamp – and Mr Compton’s Inland Rail project; a forward thinking bit of infrastructure which daily becomes more of a reality. As well there are other projects planned or in progress including the Technology Park, the Toowoomba Enterprise Hub, Charlton Logistics Park, and, of course mining. And while mining is experiencing something of a quiet period, it will come back as markets dictate. And not to be forgotten, arguably most important of all, is primary production. A much enhanced export capacity – a direct result of these infrastructure projects (road, rail, and air) - will see huge benefits for the region.

As an artist, Bill Morton is in the privileged position of being on the ground, able to record aspects of these developments. The historical significance of this for Toowoomba and the region; and the recording of it, has been foremost as a rationale for the work.

The works (shown) are a small selection of this body of work. Work will be ongoing for months, possibly even a year or more as this will be dictated by the progress of actual construction. As work progresses, new and interesting aspects of the construction will emerge and so these will present as new and fascinating content for compositions/pictures

The calibre of material present in these subjects, the content of pictures, is such that it has inspired some of the most exciting work to date. The sheer joy, the potential they hold for picture making, indeed, their very captivating nature, has been their greatest reward artistically. And all of this on top of the purely technical challenges of composition and design. Add to that the logistical challenges of on location, a very direct consideration in the enterprise of composition; all are part of the mix – all in a day’s work.

And out of this diverse yet seemingly unrelated collection of projects, an over arching, a kind of unifying purpose, even a “common denominator” has emerged. It has become more and more established – more of a “mindset”. Slowly, gradually, but inevitably, it has coalesced in to a much wider reaching, all encompassing idea – that of Toowoomba’s development - in all its guises.

And this is how these projects collectively herald a key moment of growth and development, a major milestone in Toowoomba’s history. The significance of this cannot be overstated. With the “means, motive and the opportunity” A W Morton has determined that this is too important as an idea. It is so very worthy of exploration, hugely significant, momentous even. To ignore such goings on is not an option.


Bill Morton - "Grand Central & Village Fair Construction" "Grand Central & Village Fair Construction"
View from Gate #2. Pen Ink Wash Drawing 900mm x 535mm


Bill Morton - "Grand Central, The Mall, Carpark Tower & Ramp" "Grand Central, The Mall, Carpark Tower & Ramp"
Portrait Water Colour Painting. 500mm x 620mm


Bill Morton - " The Range Crossing - West Corrador - Preliminary Clearing & Start of Earthworks""The Range Crossing - West Corridor - Preliminary Clearing & Start of Earthworks"
Pen/Ink/Stick & Wash Drawing. 1450mm x 380mm Total Diptych


Bill Morton - " 657 G Caterpiller Wheel Tractor Scraper - Unit #214""657 G Caterpillar Wheel Tractor Scraper - Unit #214"
Pencil Drawing. 500mm x 240mm


Bill Morton - " Preliminary Works - Gowrie Ck. Crossing - Western Corridor""Preliminary Works - Gowrie Ck. Crossing - Western Corridor"
Water Colour Painting. 900mm x 420mm

"Bill Morton - Toowoomba Under Construction" 700mm x 570mm
"Toowoomba Under Construction" 700mm x 570mm .


Bill Morton on location with "Toowoomba Under Construction"

Bill Morton on location with "Toowoomba Under Construction"

Sketch for proposed work View from northern side.

Preliminary Sketch for "View from northern side".


Sketch for proposed work "View from Northern side Gate 2".

Preliminary Sketch for "View from Northern side Gate 2".


Sketch for The Range Crossing - West Corridor - Preliminary Clearing & Start of Earthworks

Sketch for "The Range Crossing - West Corridor - Preliminary Clearing & Start of Earthworks".




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